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On On! Welcome to the extensive picture archive of Hanoi H3.  Thousands of them (). The pictures are searchable on run number, tags and captions. (note: not all runs are there). 

The pictures are 'taggable' (see below). You need to register yourself, which takes very little time. Just double-click on an image to tag it or register yourself.

Use the CoolIris button (next to the search box) to switch to a very cool way to browse through the pictures on an infinite wall. In this view you can right-click to switch to full-screen mode



What is tagging and why tag pictures?


In general tagging can be defined as the practice of creating labels (or “tags”) that categorize content using simple keywords. When pictures are tagged, it suddenly becomes posible to search for certain things or people among the thousands of pictures. So go ahead and tag yourself and others. With enough tags you get your personolized slide show of your favourite hasher (Hash Nerd, for example). You should not tag run numbers and run names, as that is already taken care of automatically.

So there is work to do! Never a bored moment from now on.. Go to the chapter 'Pictures' and start tagging by double-clicking on an image.

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