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Pussy Hash 19 August

See here for more info

Saigon Hash's 24th Birthday

Your average Saigon HasherWeekend from 5 - 7th September.
This weekend is something not to be missed as there will be a great range of hashes, free gear and most importantly free-flow beer thrown in at a very competitive price for a hash event. More details here.


Nash Hash in Nha Trang

Your average Nha Trang HasherOur friends in Nha Trang Hash are hosting the 'inaugural' Vietnam Nash Hash (completely oblivious to the fact that already a couple have been held in Vietnam before) on Friday 24 October – Sunday 26 October 2014.

Its going to be a weekend of Hashing on Islands, Beaches (bitches), Countryside and at their Sponsors Clubs. Registration is open, about 120 US for a fun-packed weekend. You can register  here. (max 150 hashers)

Join Adnauseum, AIT, Bimbo, Bootycall, CIA, Cold Lover, Condom, Cunning Linguist, Darlie, Der Tulip Eater, Dick Fromage, Dingo, Dosage, DykeFinger, E.T., Eurocrap, Flasher, Fukoffee, Good to the Last Drop, Groupie, Head Mistress, Mussy Pussy, Parasite, Pencil Dick, Pirate, Rent Boy, Sandy Crack, Sherpa, Silver Fox, Sir Flakey, Skidmark, Stifanny, Till Fingerer, Treadmill (Treadie), Trigamist, Ugly Bum, and many more!



This week's run directions

The hash bus leaves at 13:30 from the American Club at 19-21 Hai Ba Trung. Run Starts at 15:00

jCDBI Placeholder

On On to one of the best Hash Chapters in the world: Hanoi Hash House Harriers.
If you have no clue what Hashing is, you might want to read something about it here: About hashing.  This website provides all information on both the Harriers and Harriettes chapters running around and in Hanoi.

  • An archive of jCDBI Placeholder run directions, going back to 2004
  • Hairline going back to 1996
  • jCDBI Placeholder searchable pictures that can be tagged if you register for it



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