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  • Hanoi Hash Weekend Away (YEAH!)

Weekend out, To Cat Ba Island. 22-23 November.
Registration opens now!

  • Superb food
  • Superb Accommodation
  • Superb Runs
  • Superb Fun
  • Superb Hangovers

Important: We have a special price for early registrations, pay before or on 1 November to a receive a big discount.
So how much does it cost? Go to this
page to check it out.

IMPORTANT: Next Saturday 01 November is the last day that you can register for a reduced fee. Can't make it and still want to profit from the early-bird fees? Gerald and Van Dyke will be in Blah Blah 59 Hang Be Street, this Wednesday 29/10 between 19:00 and 20:00 to collect registrations.

Outsiders: Want to register and pay on-line? Click here

Who's coming? 

Rat Walker, Cardboard Cock, Van Dyke, Gerald TFUFWAPP, Dome Sue Me, Shut the Fuck Up, RU Finished, Finnish Me Off 2, Finntastic, Vikke, Maureen, .....and many more~~


This week's run directions
The hash bus leaves at 13:30 from the American Club at 19-21 Hai Ba Trung. Run Starts at 15:00

Xe buýt sẽ đón tại Câu lạc bộ Mỹ, 19-21 Hai Bà Trưng Hà nội đúng 1 giờ 30 chiều.
Giờ bắt đầu hoạt động chạy/đi bộ tại vòng tròn xuất phát là 3 giờ chiều.

jCDBI Placeholder

Hare Situation

jCDBI Placeholder

On On to one of the best Hash Chapters in the world: Hanoi Hash House Harriers.
If you have no clue what Hashing is, you might want to read something about it here: About hashing.  This website provides all information on both the Harriers and Harriettes chapters running around and in Hanoi.

  • An archive of jCDBI Placeholder run directions, going back to 2004
  • Hairline going back to 1996
  • jCDBI Placeholder searchable pictures that can be tagged if you register for it




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