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    Van Dyke will be in Blah Blah Bar (59 Hang Be) at Monday and Wednesday between 18:00 and 20:00 to collect your money.
    First come, first served. If the bus is full, then that is the end of the story!

    The weekend of 26-27 April we have our weekend run in Mai Chau, leaving Saturday Morning 09:00 (tentatively) and coming back early Sunday evening.
    Tickets are on sale. See Eau de Toilette or Toilet cleaner to get one or contact a committee member.

    Prices are as follow:
    Regulars: 1,000,000 VND (3 runs or more this year by and including 19th April)
    Non-regulars: 1,500,000 VND
    Kids: 500,000

    Tickets include:
  • T-shirt, courtesy of our sponsors 1)
  • Saturday Lunch, courtesy of The Oasis Deli.
  • Transportation to Mai Chau
  • Saturday run + circle
  • Saturday dinner + party + drinks
  • Accommodation 2)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Sunday Run + circle
  • Sunday lunch
  • Transportation back to Hanoi

1) Sizes are not guaranteed. You can specify a size on the ticket, and we will serve people in order of payment. First paid, first served. So bring money on Saturday!
2) Accommodation is basic, communal style. Mattresses, blanket, fans, mosquito-netting and mosquitoes provided. It's a good idea to bring a silk inner sleeping bag. And yes, there are showers and toilets.


This week's run directions

The hash bus leaves at 13:30 from the American Club at 19-21 Hai Ba Trung. Run Starts at 15:00

jCDBI Placeholder

On On to one of the best Hash Chapters in the world: Hanoi Hash House Harriers...

If you have no clue what Hashing is, you might want to read something about it here: About hashing

This website provides all information on both the Harriers and Harriettes chapters running around and in Hanoi.

  • An archive of jCDBI Placeholder run directions, going back to 2004
  • Hairline going back to 1996
  • jCDBI Placeholder searchable pictures that can be tagged if you register for it


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